How to Secure Your Computer Network

So you’ve set up your own network and now you’re wondering how to make it secure. The fact is, it doesn’t have to be a problem because there are a few different ways to protect your system.

Password Protection – Make sure you have a strong password and that it’s different for each user. This is one of the most effective methods. When a hacker gets in, they need to get past the password protected firewall so a regular account isn’t set up.

Firewalls – firewalls do a lot to help keep the intruders out. There are many firewalls that will allow access from outside your network. It’s important to choose one that has both dynamic and static access controls so all users can enter their information.

Network Security Cameras – If you think about it, network security cameras should have been around forever. They are extremely useful to keep an eye on your systems and to catch anyone who might try to break into them.

The right monitor will have a great resolution and also will be easily viewable to whoever is using it. This can be very valuable because your employees may not realize they are being watched.

Smart Cards – Use smart cards for access control and for authentication. They are portable and very easy to use so they’re great for monitoring.

You can use these cards in different services as well such as e-mail, internet, and toll free numbers. They are a little expensive but they will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Reverse Proxy Server – Allowing people in your organization to access the internet at a safe place is another great way to keep them safe from the hackers. This is especially handy when a firewall doesn’t have enough users to keep everything in order. Allowing the administrator to monitor all of your company computers is the best way to keep hackers away.

Firewall – Your firewall is one of the best tools you can use to keep hackers from breaking into your network. There are many different types of firewalls to choose from so finding the right one for your needs is essential.

Some of the more advanced firewalls also have email blocking or tracking, as well as video or voice monitoring. The great thing about a firewall is that it monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic so you don’t have to worry about what the system is seeing.

Whichever of these methods you decide to use, make sure that your computer network is properly protected. You can find many different companies that will provide services for free or charge a small fee for these services.

While there are many ways to protect your systems, these methods should be one of the first ones you start with. After you’ve figured out how to secure your system, you can move onto other methods that will keep your network safe.